I am a very important person.

Several weeks ago on the podcast Professor Blastoff (a science/comedy/philosophy/whatever podcast hosted by comedians) there was brief mention of the Nintendo classic Excitebike. The person who brought it up, David, was met with confusion and lack of understanding. He became very frustrated and as a Excitebike super-fan listening, I too became frustrated.

I spent many hours, many, many quarters at the local bowling alley as a child playing Excitebike. Sure, you could buy it and play it at home on your NES, but it didn’t have the feeling of the arcade stick or buttons. An arcade cabinet was the only way to play Excitebike right, and I played it right for many years.

So, I was very upset at the lack of recognition for this modern classic and as a show that regularly reads tweets of it’s listeners, I took to Twitter.

I shot off this tweet on the 15th. They had another show go up after I sent that tweet with no mention of it. I figured that it was lost to the noise of Twitter and accepted it.

Tonight, I was at work and listening to my podcast backlog caused by being in Boston. On December 29th they put up a show on Oceans, and I just had the opportunity to finally listen to it tonight.

At the end of the show, my tweet is mentioned and it is noted that many people wrote it about Excitebike. We did it. I did it. I am an important force for change and recognition in the world.

Go listen to Professor Blastoff (Don’t make the Ocean episode your first though, It’s not their best): http://professorblastoff.com

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