I’m older

As of this wring, I’m 24 and 10 some odd hours old. I don’t really feel much older which is kind of contrary to how I’ve felt the last few years on my birthday. It’s awesome.

My parents got me a Kindle and I’m eager to fill it up with books. I don’t understand how we have gotten this far as a society without ebook readers. My room is filled with books and I don’t even feel like I read as much as some people.

I’m partial to science books. I don’t know why, but I feel guilty reading books where I’m not learning these days. If you’ve got suggestions, I’m really happy to hear them (particularly if they deal with geology/geosciences/climate/etc.). Writer’s who can weave a narrative in their science are very welcome.

Perhaps the greatest thing to come out of today is the prospect of Carlos Zambrano leaving the Cubs. I have mixed feelings on Zambrano’s tenure as a Cub, and I have mixed feelings with how he’s leaving (Paying $16M of his contract? Pfft) but I think it’s best for everyone if Big Z heads somewhere else. Him and Ozzie Guillen are good friends, so I guess that’s nice.

This is from the other day at Franklin Creek. I fancy myself as psuedo-mobile-phone-photographer.


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