Antiscience people shouldn’t be in charge of the country.

It was like 53 degrees today! I had to take advantage of it and get a ride in. Feels good man.

I typed up a really long post about Ron Paul not being a good presidential candidate earlier and accidently deleted it. Instead of retyping it, I’m just going to cut straight to it.

First things first, I would not be happy with any GOP candidate becoming president. However, given that SOMEONE has to be president and that the most likely people to be nominated are either democrat or republican, there are candidates I would be more comfortable with being elected than others. Romney, Paul, Perry, Santorum… No.

Who would I want? John Huntsman. Why?

“To be clear. I believe in evolution and trust scientists on global warming,” read a tweet from his personal account. “Call me crazy.” [link]

He is not an anti-science goon. The majority of the GOP are scientifically illiterate bafoons vying for a position that allows them to make non-scientifically informed decisions and put other scientifically illiterate people in positions that require an understanding.

I think it’s very important for the president to either be scientifically literate or be wise enough to defer to people with an understanding of modern science. Most people on the right-wing don’t do that. This guy does.

There was also a time when I liked Newt Gingrich. That might seem kind of odd, but the man has demonstrated a decent understanding of science quite a few times. Notably, here in an interview from 2006, but lately when on the campaign trail…

 So Gingrich almost hit an anti-science trifecta here — all he had to do was snub global warming too. So close! [link]

The last line of this is funny because Gingrich just killed a chapter in his new book on climate change authored by the lovely Katharine Hayhoe (An evangelical christian climate scientist). The guy bends to the people he’s talking to. That sucks.
Support science, support innovation. Private industry is too risk adverse to make real scientific progress and please, please don’t vote for Rick Santorum.
PS: John Huntsman is responsible for Dream Theater day in Utah.
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