Warmly winter

I haven’t done much today. It was another nice day so I spent some time on my bike and snapped this picture as the sunset.

I should be finishing off my application for Svalbard, but my productivity has hit an all time low on this break. If I’m not doing field camp this summer, I really want to do an internship or other research project. I’m afraid of being stagnant.

My antisocial personality hasn’t done me any favors here. Trying to track down people to write letters of recommendation is difficult when I really haven’t spent much time getting to know or impress any of the qualified people I’ve come in contact with. I’ve got one goto for sure, but anyone else doesn’t really have that weight that I need and that sucks.

I mostly mean professors and people outside of geology. I’ve only really had one geology class taught by a tenured professor, and I just never spent the time getting in anyone else’s good books in Chemistry, Physics or Math. A handicap you place on yourself when you transfer an art focused associates degree from a community college.

In Kindle news, the first book I bought was Moneyball. I really miss baseball right now; the Cubs are in rebuild mode, Starlin Castro might be a rapist… I’m interested in reading non-Cubs baseball stuff. I’m enjoying it so far and really enjoying the experience of reading on a Kindle, it’s very comfortable.

Still looking for science book recommendations.

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