A milestone!

This post means I have officially been blogging for a week in 2012. Woo.

Not a whole lot to say today. I took this picture by turning my phone sideways when doing the panorama. I think I destroyed my eyes by staring into the sun/wind for so long.  Also, most of these pictures are edited in the Google + editor. Much quicker than Photoshop and these are from a phone.

Today has been about e-mailing professors and others getting stuff straight for summer applications.

If you have Google + I really recommend adding Fraser Cain to your circles. He runs Universe Today (astronomy news website) and lately he’s been teaming up with people to live stream astronomy stuff via Google Hangouts. Last night was streaming with a guy who had a webcam attached to a 14″ Newtonian telescope and they were broadcasting some pretty incredible images. He recorded the stream and you can watch it here.

I’m also on Google +, I post mostly science stuff as Google + really hasn’t turned into a Facebook like site, it’s more like Twitter in that it’s about sharing information, not keeping in touch with friends. There are a ton of geologists on and I love reading all the stuff they’re turning out daily.

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