Scornful of the Motives and Virtues of Others

I finished my application for Svalbard today. I hope that goes well. It’s a very long shot, but at least I know that I put my name in. I’m going to apply for a few more internship and research projects for the summer as well. I really want to do research, but I more desperately just need/want some sort of field experience that would look good on a resume.

I also finished Moneyball today. I really enjoyed it. There is quite a bit of Theo Epstein in it, aka the new President of Baseball Operations for the Chicago Cubs, and I like the idea of a team that take sabremetrics seriously when running their team.

On an different note, I follow Keith Buckley (vocalist of Every Time I Die) on Twitter and he posted a very interesting and insightful blog post about his absence from social networking lately. It’s something that I’m really glad I read. It’s made me consider dialing back my internet presence. I’ve been a heavy internet user for over a decade now and I almost don’t know how to function without it. I might experiment with dropping out of social networking. Maybe just maintain this blog. I think I put forth an unrealistic representation of myself forth on the internet sometimes.

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