Hollow Earth

The last couple weeks has me excited about 2012 in hardcore. Mostly, I think, because a lot of the new bands releasing music thus far seem to have bucked the hardstyle trend of the last few years. My involvement and interest in hardcore has been at it’s lowest in the last couple of years mostly because I’ve found 90% of the new music coming out to be boring. Hardcore is cyclical however, and what is popular doesn’t stay popular for very long.

One of the new bands I am excited about in 2012 is a Michigan band called Hollow Earth. I admit that it was the branding of having a member of Shai Hulud (one of my favorite bands of all time) in the band that drew me to them. However, it’s not a Shai Hulud mainstay such as Matt Fox or something, but rather there newest vocalist, young Mike Moynihan. For those who don’t know, before becoming the vocalist for Shai Hulud, Moynihan  was a Shai Hulud super fan and it definitely shows.

Mike is not the vocalist in this band, but rather the guitar player and it certainly has an approach similar to Shai Hulud and other bands of their era, from the musicianship to the fast pace at which the vocals are spit, all it’s missing are Dune samples.

As a fan of Shai Hulud and of the opinion that Shai Hulud is one of the most under-appreciated bands of all time more bands in that vein is a welcome sight. I have been really bummed out by the state of modern hardcore the last few years and really welcome a return of melody and message. There’s only two tracks available to listen to from Hollow Earth, but I’m way into it and really look forward to listening to the rest of the EP when it becomes available.

You can download the songs from their Bandcamp HERE. That is provided by them from their Facebook page after the amount of free downloads on their Bandcamp expired.

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