Quick side note: I start school again tomorrow. 18 credit hours and still working, so posts will get shorter. (If anyone cares)

This is one of my favorite albums from 2011, really took me by surprise. I was aware of this record long before I bought it, but I had never gave it a shot. I don’t know what I thought it would sound like, but it never drummed up any excitement. When we were at This Is Hardcore this summer, I found myself disappointed in the lack of money I was spending on merch so I picked this up at the Deathwish table along with Killing The Dream ltd press solely based on the artwork. Apart from being one of my favorite records, I am quite fond of the album art.

If you haven’t heard Oathbreaker, imagine Rise & Fall meeting with Converge and with a woman on vocals. Like Rise & Fall, Oathbreaker call Belgium their home, maybe explaining why the bands seem to have some of the same influences. It’s fast, it’s dark, it’s brooding but it’s also very melodic and dynamic. I think it definitely airs more on the metal side of the metalcore tag that is probably is home to, but that’s fine.

I mean it’s nothing revolutionary, but I think for what it is, it is really well done. Considering I am fond of this style of music, that is great for me. Give it a chance if you haven’t yet.

(Not my favorite song on the album, but the only one I could find on Youtube)

Spend your money on it here.

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