I want to be in Boston

… on May 9th.

For those unaware, The Color Spectrum is a series of 9 EP’s that The Dear Hunter (not to be confused with Deerhunter) released this past spring/summer. 36 songs in total, 2.5 hours of music spanning countless genres and moods. It’s an incredible package. Each of the 9 EP’s is themed by a color of the visible light spectrum and book-ended by Black and White. I don’t know what kind of music you, reader, listen to, but I’m sure there is something in there you would enjoy.

For those unaware of The Dear Hunter, they’re a prog-rock/ indie band who currently have 8 hours of music and 113 songs on my computer. The band has been active since about 2005 and is the baby of Casey Crescenzo who writes and records the majority of the bands music himself. Casey Crescenzo was in the band The Receiving End of Sirens, and his departure is the only reason I can imagine for the immense quality gap between that bands two full-lengths (second LP was wrote/recorded after his leaving the band). The man is a musical savant.

Outside of The Color Spectrum, The Dear Hunter is a band of concept albums. They have 3 other albums that stand as the first 3 acts of a 6 act story (that is yet to be completed) that are what I can only describe as a rock opera. Even if you’re not interested in the central story, the music is incredibly diverse and engaging, and there are enough hooks and catchy parts that it’s still worth listening to. So give them a shot.

Last winter Casey did a cross-country tour of playing in friend’s living rooms. Here’s a video from his stop in Chicago that a very talented film guy put together. This is from the Green EP.

This video is particularly funny to me because a person I’ve gone to school with appears in this video and when I asked him about it, he has no recollection of someone pointing a camera in his face.

Just to showcase a little diversity. From the White EP.

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