An evening snowed in.

That was my view for about an hour and a half on my way back home from school today. A lot of guessing where the road was and suffering behind the truly horrible “I will only drive 15mph” driver, as well as being frustrated by the guy that didn’t realized it snowed today driving behind me most of the time. I consider myself a pretty good driver in the snow, I wish I could say the same for most other people. Alas…

I started my PHYS 253 class today, the so called “calc-based” physics class I’ve heard about for so long. I’ve completed Calc I & II, and I’ve already taken the non-calculus based version of this class. Assuming that the more advanced version of the class would look better on a resume, I switched up and went the calc route. Today we spent 50 minutes learning what a derivative was and learned that it was the most extensive calculus we would use in the course.

It was kind of a relief that the class is not going to be that big of a deal, but I can’t help but feel a little disappointed. I felt like I was a high school student asked to sit in on a 6th grade math class or something.  I don’t like being in a class where I’m not learning anything new.

I will get my physics itch scratched by Structure and Dynamics by the looks of it. That will be a fun class, I think.

The snow doesn’t just make the roads terrible though, it makes everything else look nice and clean.

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