Star vomit.

For those unaware, the sun periodically throws off chunks of itself off at us in the form of solar flares and coronal mass ejections. Last night, it did just that in what is the most powerful flare and ejection in 7 years. Read it about here on Bad Astronomy.

What that means is that a lot more people that normal have the potential to see the aurora this evening. When the sun throws off it’s star stuff at us, it provides a lot of charged particles to interact with our magnetic field and upper atmosphere. That means larger than normal aurorae.

Read about the where and why you may be able to see it. Here is an image provided by NOAA that updates periodically showing where the aurora will be visible.

So, go out tonight and if the skies are clear you may be able to see one of the Earth’s rarer sites! Don’t sleep on your opportunity. They’re few and far in between.

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