I left home at around 8am this morning to make it to my 9am class. 9 hours later, I left my physics lab and got in my car to head to work. Several hours later, I arrived home.

Here is me and my lady love.

That is kind of my set up for this semester, and being that I have homework that is due in the morning, I don’t have much to post about. I guess that is the danger of challenging myself to write something daily.

I think that Volcanology is quickly becoming my favorite class this semester. I knew I would enjoy it, but I’m finding myself more and more engaged with it. Currently, I am reading a paper on intraplate volcanism (as in, volcanic activity that doesn’t occur at plate margins) and it’s really interesting. If you have access to Nature, check it out here. I really recommend reading it if you’re into volcanism.

Lemuria came up on shuffle today and I’ve been listening to them all day as a result.

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