I really don’t like sedimentary rocks…

I like sedimentary rocks. To a point.

I like the broad picture of sedimentary rocks. I understand the broad picture of sedimentary rocks. I like them because they’re a great look into the history of the earth. However, if you stick me in an environment where you give me a pile of sedimentary rocks and you ask me to identify them, and not just identify them, but REALLY identify them using modifiers like laminated and diamict, I will probably not like you much that day.

You know what sedimentary rocks I enjoy looking at and identifying? Sandstones. Everything else? Not so much. I will happily look at any variety of arenites you want to throw at me and I will drop acid on fossiliferous limestone samples all day, but when you ask me to classify this box of “shales” into siltstones, claystones, mudstones, etc… I quickly lose interest.

Here’s a picture of a lovely quartz arenite I found out in the woods one day.

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