… a little follow up.

I am swamped tonight, I have a lot of homework due tomorrow and I have a deadline to meet for an internship/research application so I am going to just post something in addition to what I posted last night.

If you’ve been around for awhile it’s not unknown to you that the Wall Street Journal is conservative biased, and for whatever reason conservative is more and more becoming synonymous with “anti-science”, so them posting anti-climate change stuff isn’t THAT surprising. But while the bais is easily observed on any media source, they all like to pretend they’re neutral. So I think it’s really funny to hear that Wall Street Journal refused to publish a response to their ’16 scientists’ editorial that was drafted and signed by 255 well known, reputable scientists.

But the most amazing and telling evidence of the bias of the Wall Street Journal in this field is the fact that 255 members of the United States National Academy of Sciences wrote a comparable (but scientifically accurate) essay on the realities of climate change and on the need for improved and serious public debate around the issue, offered it to the Wall Street Journal, and were turned down. The National Academy of Sciences is the nation’s pre-eminent independent scientific organizations. Its members are among the most respected in the world in their fields. Yet the Journal wouldn’t publish this letter, from more than 15 times as many top scientists. Instead they chose to publish an error-filled and misleading piece on climate because some so-called experts aligned with their bias signed it. This may be good politics for them, but it is bad science and it is bad for the nation.

Science magazine – perhaps the nation’s most important journal on scientific issues – published the letter from the NAS members after the Journal turned it down.

The wheel in the sky keeps on turning. You can read the essay composed by the 255 scientists here (pdf).

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