Box of rocks.

One of my non-geologist friends, Davis, bestowed upon me a box of rocks as a gift today. He picked them up while his was in Maine on mysterious business and I must say, as a person who’s chosen educational career path is usually met with a quick change of subject or indifference, it was really cool to see a friend offer me a gift of something he thought I’d like.

I do like it, I’ve never seen a piece of green quartzite in person, and this one is part of an intrusion or has been intruded. It’s pretty neat.

Other neat things?

Locations that I have officially put my name in to do research this summer. Mostly of geomorphology and formation dating work, both of which I have zero experience, but both of which I really want to learn about and experience in the field. I plan on casting a wide net with this. I am planning to carpet bomb geology internship/research positions for summer as they become available.

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