I dislike them. Here is an awful picture of my last hour or so.

Lots of tracing paper and colored pencils.

Stereonets are way to visualize strike and dip in 3d space. They are quite literally the must useful little sphere you could ever encounter, but they are the most time consuming thing ever. I understand professors and educators want to know that their students could produce these kind of things by hand, but it’s hard to feel sympathetic when I can literally type in a few coordinates and have a complete stereonet in seconds with software like Stereonet (Windows) and OSXstereonet (Mac). [ATTN Geologists: These pieces of software are your best friends]

Just think; someday battery technology will be enough that we can disregard manual stereonets all together. It would be much easier to bring an iPad or other portable computing device with you in the field and have this information available in seconds.

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