Le sigh.

Updates may be short and/or agitated the next few days. Exams are hitting fast and often and my labs are taking up a lot of my free time. I still have a job too.

Tomorrow morning, I have a Volcanology exam that I need to study for. I also have to turn in all my stereonets tomorrow afternoon which I have yet to complete. I’m headed off to work in the next few minutes so I don’t reckon I’ll have much time left to sleep tonight.

Thursday I have an exam in my Global Cycles class and have homework I need to complete for Friday for my Structure class. The weekend will offer some minor relief, but Monday I have exams in my Structure and Physics classes.

That neglects to mention that I spent 2 hours in my Cycles lab this evening completing less than a 3rd of the assignment. I’ll have to get back in there sometime this week too.

Note to self circa a month ago: 18 credit hours is a terrible idea.

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