Calm before storm.

Structure exam is in the morning. Unsure of how I feel about it. I spent a good chunk of time studying, but it feels like an exam that would be difficult to fully prepare for, and therefore I’m not sure how much I want to dive in with it.

After that is physics, which I’m not really worried about at all. I’m excited to be done with exams for a week or so though. I have a Stratigraphy exam NEXT week. It’s from the same guy who teaches my Global Cycles class, so I’m hoping that it turns out to be similarly formatted.

Still debating on which I value more: Sleep or studying? I’m just hanging out right now. I have a feeling that sleep will be hard to come by by the end of the week though, so I feel bad just leaving it on the table. Oh well.

I really want to get a telescope sometime in the near future. Tonight was a great night to gaze at the stars. Very clear, and very dark. It’s been a hobby of mine for the past couple of months to observe Jupiter as much as possible, and tonight it was like a celestial spotlight, it was so big and bright.

So, someone please, buy me this:

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