Well, today was a day of mixed feelings. I had my Structure and Physics exams today and I really thought I was better prepared for both of them. I probably did OK on my Structure exam, but my Physics exam was stupid (read: I was stupid). I tend to overthink physics a lot, and especially with kinematics I  work myself into these circular logic things. I might have squeaked by on that one, but there was a question on that exam that my answer just seemed way too off to be true (there were only 4 questions on it).

Given the opportunity to do today over, I would definitely seize upon that opportunity. I’m not happy with my exam performance.

I did get my Volcanology exam back though, and I am happy to report that I recieved an A on it. I didn’t think it was bad at all, but I’ve found myself to be enthralled with the subject. I hope  to get my Cycles exam back tomorrow, but as that class is rather populous, I expect an essay exam to take longer to grade than that.

Speaking of Volcanology however, I think I am settled upon my term paper (about damn time too, considering that it’s 15 pages and I need to get working on it). My paper, assuming nobody else has laid claim to the subject without my realizing it, will be on back-arc basin volcanism.

I figure that it’s a broad enough topic that filling 15 pages won’t be hard, and I think the tectonic settings and their implications for volcanism are really interesting.

Plans for this week: Taxes, finish last weeks labs, start this weeks labs, start studying for Stratigraphy and create some sort of schedule that allows this all to happen in the most stress-free, non-sleep robbing way.

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