Breathe in…

Here is a satellite view of McCarty’s flow in New Mexico. Some people from my Volcanology class and I are trying to spend spring break there doing rock nerd shit and trying to demonstrate an understanding of things we think we know. Really looking forward to it– camping and rocks that aren’t carbonates or sandstones.

I am done with my exams for a few weeks, very happy about that. Stratigraphy exam wasn’t nearly as bad it could’ve been; I was running out of time because my answers were so detailed, which usually is a good thing (in my head at least). I know I missed points on a few questions, but nothing that would sink the ship. Didn’t get Cycles exams back today like I thought I would, which is probably for the best. Had I got it back, I probably would’ve spent time obsessing over it instead of studying for Stratigraphy

Anyway, I get to spend my free time working on Physics and labs, and not obsessing over studying. Studying will not disappear completely, but hopefully be a constant that reduces the need for stress inducing super-study sessions.

Also, I got an e-mail today informing me that I would not be offered a position in Svalbard. A little disappointing, but the note was very will written and very complementary and came with a lot of information and advice based on what I wrote in my essay. That’s what I guessed anyway, if it was a mass, generic e-mail then it was very well written because it fooled me. So, it’s disappointing overall, but I don’t feel terrible about it. I will be doing something else this summer.

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