A complete and total failure…

We had a pretty decent snowstorm here last night. It’s been a warm, tame winter so I really appreciated it. It will probably be gone in a day or two and be the last snow storm of the season, so I’m glad we had it.

Last week, I posted this:

Plans for this week: Taxes, finish last weeks labs, start this weeks labs, start studying for Stratigraphy and create some sort of schedule that allows this all to happen in the most stress-free, non-sleep robbing way.

LOL. I am stressed, I am sleep deprived, it is Friday night, and I am behind on my work. I mean, I got stuff done, but it wasn’t easy, and I still have Physics stuff to do that was due this week that just didn’t get done. I have completely failed in that respect.

I did finally get my Cycles exam back and my good feelings about it were accurate as I received an A. It made me feel a lot better about my Stratigraphy exam which I also felt pretty good about afterwards. So that stress is lifted off of my shoulders only to be replaced with the new stresses of upcoming exams once again.

Next Friday is my next Volcanology exam, and shortly after that will be the next Structure exam. I am going to dominate my Structure exam no matter what. I am embarrassed by my poor grade on the first exam and I will pull myself out of that embarrassing hole.

I’m going to go work on homework now. At 9pm on Friday night.

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