Weak end.

On Saturday, I received a bill in the mail from my University stating that I owed them several hundred dollars more than I thought. I had planned my semester according to the bill I received shortly after it began, but apparently that bill had not included certain fees associated to classes that I signed up with late and now also included late payment penalties. That put a real pinch on my wallet as I was banking on my tax return to cover my tuition costs. It no longer covers my tuition costs, and my trip to New Mexico is in jeopardy.

Tonight, at work, while I went over in my head the best way to maneuver a conversation regarding my need for time off to go to New Mexico in a way that wouldn’t threaten my job, I was interrupted by the man I sought to talk to. Before I had even asked him, he informed me that our already short staffed had become more short. The new guy, who has worked here for a total of a week and half, quit. He came to ask me to pick up the hours and effectively put the kaybash on my particpation in the trip to New Mexico.

I need money, and for that I need to work, and to work, I need to be at work. Needless to say, I am rather bummed out. I was really looking forward to going to New Mexico and experiencing geology like I have never done before. I will be jealous when they return.

Maybe the weather will be nice enough and I can head down to Southern Illinois and bask in some of Illinois more interesting geology.

Photo by Charles Carrigan

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