I took this picture today while I was sitting in the physics building. I really love it. I sit there almost every time I come to the building and today was the first time I’ve ever looked up. It was the perfect opportunity to misuse panorama.

I haven’t posted much lately as I’ve been drowning in school stuff. I took my 2nd Structure exam today and I think I did very well on it. I wrote a pretty comprehensive study guide for the exam and every question on the exam was answered somewhere in it, so I think I got most of the points.

I also got my Volcanology exam that I took on Friday back today. Walking out of the exam I didn’t feel too great about it, but I did well enough apparently. I’ve still got my A in the class.

Tomorrow I’ve got a Global Cycles exam, and I need to finish up Structure and Physics labs tonight at some point. Then– I need to start studying for Friday’s Physics exam.

I’m really looking forward to Spring Break. I’m going to ride my bike as much as possible, dive into my term paper for Volcanology and relax.

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  1. Wow! This gave me serious vertigo for a second as I was scrolling down the page. Very cool! Wish I could see it in person.

    • It’s really a nice piece of art. I like how it ends up looking like a stream or something, and not a piece of art on the wall.


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