Break is sprung.

Today was my last day of classes for a week. Very pleased with that. I decided to pull the plug on physics and withdraw. 3 labs is way too much. I’ve spent much of the last 2 months completely exhausted physically and mentally, so I am looking forward to having more time to spend on my other classes and sleeping.

Here’s some pictures I’ve neglected to post.

Two new, really great records became available this week that I’d like to talk a bit about briefly.

Every Time I Die‘s new album, ‘Ex Lives‘, is the first I’d like to talk about. Every Time I Die has been one of my favorite bands for about as long as I’ve eschewed mainstream music and media. I fondly recall downloading their first full-length ‘Last Night In Town’ over Soulseek, via dial up circa 2002 and listening to it non-stop. They kind of rolled all into one, all the types of things that I enjoyed about early 2000’s metalcore, it was chaotic, they were clever, it was heavy… I loved it.

Unlike a lot of people, I’ve enjoyed all of their releases however. There seems to be two camps of ETID fans: those who like Last Night In Town and Hot Damn!, and those who like Gutter Phenomenon and everything after. I’ve loved it all, I don’t think the band can do any wrong.  Ex Lives finds a  middle ground between the two sounds and it’s really fantastic. It’s stupidly heavy at times and the lyrical content has gone to a place it hasn’t ever gone before. I really recommend checking out if you get a chance. Probably my favorite record of the year so far.

Next, I’d like to mention Rise and Fall‘s new album ‘Faith‘. I am a huge fan of Rise and Fall’s 2005 album ‘Into Oblivion’ and not as big a fan of their 2009 album ‘Our Circle is Vicious’. ‘Into Oblivion’ is fast, heavy and fierce, and ‘Our Circle…’ is much slower/experimental and not nearly as powerful in my opinion. I enjoy listening to it from time to time, but after ‘Into Oblivion’ I was expecting something different. ‘Faith‘, to me, sounds like the missing step between those two previous records. It’s more experimental than ‘Into Oblivion’, but retains it’s heaviness.  If you like dark, heavy tunes, check it out. It also contains some of my favorite artwork that Jacob Bannon has done in awhile, which is nice.

I’m going to sleep for 2000000 hours tonight, and play video games, and music and and and and….

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