It was quite lovely here this weekend. My understanding is that this may have been our last taste of summer before summer officially arrives as it’s suppose to drop to the 50’s tomorrow. That’s alright I suppose, as after this week, my next few weekends will be consumed by field stuff with my Volcanology class (St. Francois Mountains in Missouri) and Structure class (Baraboo, WI). I would really like it to not be 90 degrees those weekends.

I spent my weekend mostly outdoors being an active young adult and when I wasn’t outdoors I was working on a new set of cross-sections for Structure lab. I took the above picture this afternoon on a nice 20 mile ride around the area.

I took a nice hike the day before and took some more pictures.

I am consistently impressed with the quality of photo produced by the camera in my phone. It’s definitely not a sure thing, but particularly when you can get a nice focus on something up close… It just looks decent. I’ts unfortunate that the only way to get the colors to something worthwhile is post-manipulation, but I guess you can’t expect much.

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